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Industrial dismantling

The dismantling of industrial complexes and other buildings is one of the outstanding services of Schaufler.

Long-time know-how of the responsible managers, as well as highly trained employees, are the basis for fast and qualified dismantling of industrial plants, power stations, and bridges.

Professionalism and safety are high priority for Schaufler.

The accumulated dismantling costs will be set by the value of the dismantled material. So, it is sometimes possible to dismantle for free or even to get back the accumulated declining balance.

Reference projects

  • Gasometer, Wien Meidling
  • Power station, EWS, Wien Simmering
  • Electrolysis system, AMAG, Ranshofen
  • Ship dismantling, DDSG, Wien
  • Brewery, Brau AG, Wieselburg
  • Railway-bridge, Linz


Hr. Ing. Krempl


Schaufler GmbH
Am Donauspitz 4
A-3370 Ybbs an der Donau

Telefon: +43 (0)7412/52485
Fax: +43 (0)7412/52485-20

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